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ITherm 2004
Achievement Award

The ITherm Achievement Award (formerly called the ITherm Memorial Award), first instituted in 1996, is presented biennially in recognition of significant contributions made in the field of electronics thermal management and mechanics. Past winners include:

The Award, to be presented at the ITherm 2004 Awards Banquet, includes a memento, a plaque, and an honorarium. The recipient will be selected by the ITherm 2004 Executive Committee. If you would like to nominate a distinguished colleague to receive this award, please submit a brief statement on why you believe this person should be the ITherm 2004 recipient, and send it by February 1, 2004 to:

    Prof. Sushil H. Bhavnani
    ITHERM Achievement Award Selection Committee
    [email protected]
    213 Ross Hall
    Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Auburn University
    Auburn, AL 36849-5341
    (334)844-3303 (voice)
    (334)844-3307 (fax)