Technical Paper Submission Call For Papers

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To submit a paper for consideration, please use the on-line abstract submission form. All abstracts must be received by September 14, 2001. Abstracts must be plain text only.

The full content of the Call For Papers is available in PDF version here. You need Adobe Acrobat from Adobe, Inc. to view the PDF file.

Original papers are solicited in the general areas of Thermal Management, Mechanics (thermo-mechanical and mechanical), and Multidisciplinary Topics in Emerging Technologies.

Thermal Management:
  • System-Level Thermal Design of Data and Voice Equipment
  • Thermal Interface Materials, Modeling and Characterization
  • Heat Sink Characterization and Optimization
  • Optimization of & Low-Cost Enhancements to Heat Sinks
  • Achieving Air Cooling Limits
  • Heat Pipes
  • Phase Change Materials and Thermosyphons
  • Thermal Management of Military Avionic Systems
  • Electronic Systems, Photonics: Thermal Issues
  • Simulation and Modeling 1: Thermal
  • Simulation and Modeling 2: Thermal
  • Compact Models
  • Advanced Simulation Methods for Electronics Cooling
  • Fundamentals And Applications of Conduction
  • Fundamentals and Applications of Convection Cooling
  • Experimental Methods, Model Validation, & Material Characterization in Thermal Management
  • Thermal Packaging Design For Sustainability
  • Manufacturing & Assembly Related Transport and Thermo-Mechanical Aspects
  • High Flux Liquid Cooling Techniques
  • Printed Circuit Board Level Thermal Issues for Next Generation Technologies
  • Thermal Aspects of Burn-In Equipment
  • CAD & Computational Methods in Mechanics and Thermomechanics
  • Experimental Mechanics:Methods and Model Validation
  • Failure Mechanics
  • Reliability Characterization
  • MEMS and Micromechanics
  • Analytical Methods - Mechanics
  • Simulation and Modeling - Mechanics
  • Characterization of Mechanical Properties of Materials
  • Mechanics of Solder Alloys:Lead and Lead-free
    Emerging Technologies
  • Airborne and Space Systems
  • MEMS Thermal Management
  • Integrated Biochips and Bioelectronics
  • Power Electronics Systems
  • Nanoscale Phenomena In Electronics
  • Solid-State Cooling: Advanced Thermoelectrics and Photonic Coolers
  • Optoelectronics: Thermal and Thermo-Mechanical Issues
  • Mechatronics
    Panel Discussions:
  • Proposals are solicited for panel discussion topics addressing contemporary issues of broad interest to ITherm. These should include a title, an abstract describing the theme(s) to be addressed, and a list of potential panelists.