Technical Paper Submission Author's Kit

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Model Paper

This ITherm Model Paper contains all the required style and formatting details necessary for preparing your final manuscript, available for download in PDF or Microsoft Word formats.

Draft and Final Manuscript Style Instructions

Use the following style guidelines when preparing both your draft and final manuscript for submission to ITherm. As selected papers are archived in the IEEE/CPMT Journal, these instructions are a subset of IEEE/CPMT's style guidelines.

Review Process
Prior to publication, all conference papers must be reviewed by competent specialists. The purpose of review is to determine whether a paper is acceptable for publication, needs revision, or should be rejected. Recommendations must be supported by specific and critical comments. Reviewing is a confidential process involving only the reviewer and the editorial staff. In addition, the technical material in the manuscript must be held in confidence by the reviewer; until it is published, this material is not in the public domain, and it is sent to you for review purposes only.

Key Dates
Your strict compliance with the authors instructions will enable us to prepare the proceedings in a timely and effective manner. Late papers will not appear in the proceeding or the web site. While preparing your manuscript, keep in mind the following important dates:

  • November 16, 2001: Submission of Draft Manuscript for Review
  • January 31, 2002: Return of Reviewers Comments
  • March 31, 2002: Submission of Final Manuscript

Draft Manuscript Style
Follow the final manuscript style guidelines noted below, EXCEPT:

  • Double space all text (to allow for reviewer's comments)
  • Single column, with reasonable margins.
  • Figures may be appended or incorporate within the text body.
  • Submit your PDF file via the Draft Paper Submission page. If you need assistance or help converting your paper into PDF format, visit our Help With PDF page.

Final Manuscript Style
Your final manuscript will be appear via two methods, printing in the hardcopy conference proceedings, as well as, on the ITherm Website as an electronic proceeding. This ITherm Model Paper contains all the required style and formatting details necessary for preparing your final manuscript, available for download in PDF or Microsoft Word formats. Note, the final length (text and figures) should not exceed 8 pages total and a signed IEEE copyright form is required (see below link).

Your final manuscript should be assembled in its final form with the following characteristics:

  • Length (text and figures) should not exceed 8 pages total.
  • Single space all text.
  • Text should be spaced at six lines per inch.
  • Double column, at 3.5" each.
  • Left, right, top margins 0.66", bottom margin 0.8".
  • Use 10 point Times font.
  • Use 12 point, bold font for the title, which should be centered across the top of the first page.
  • Centered under the title, type each author, their affiliation and contact information for at least one author. This should be in 10 point font.
  • References should be numbered and listed in the sequence in which they appear in the paper.
  • Note, avoid the use of tradenames
  • Papers containing commercial content and/or a those having an obvious sales approach to technical problems, will not be accepted.

Manuscript Sections
Your manuscript should consist of the following sections:

  • Concise title
  • Abstract (for Guidance, see The Abstract Tutorial)
  • Index Terms (Keywords)
  • Introduction
  • A main body of the manuscript, which may contain sections that you define, such as Theory, Experiments, Results, etc.
  • Conclusions
  • Acknowledgments, if needed
  • References
  • Appendices, if needed

Illustrations, Photos, Drawings
Please use the following styles for your illustrations:

  • Originals should be sharp, clear, and of good contrast.
  • On graphs use only the coordinate axes or, at most the major grid lines, to avoid a dense result.
  • All lettering must be large enough to permit legible reduction down to the column width of 3.5"
  • Try to use similar font sizes and styles throughout all illustrations.
  • Images/Photographs must be glossy prints of good contrast and gradation Black and white ONLY.

IEEE Copyright Form
The IEEE Copyright Form (PDF) is REQUIRED for your final manuscript to appear in the conference proceedings and on the web site. Please download, print and sign this form. Then FAX or surface mail to the Administration Chair. (If you do have a scanner or bit map of your signature, you have the option to email the PDF file of the copyright form to the Administration Chair. )