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ITherm 2006
Conference Program
Technical Program

This year's expanded ITherm 2006 offers you a unique opportunity to converse with leading designers, engineers, manufacturers and academics about timely issues related to electronics packaging. With more than 100 technical papers in over 20 topical areas and panels sessions, this year's ITherm 2006 technical program is the largest and most successful forum dedicated exclusively to thermal and thermomechanical issues in electronic packaging and systems applications. The conference will have a total of 22 sessions: 14 related to thermal issues and 8 related to thermo-mechanical issues. Fourteen technical sessions are dedicated exclusively to thermal issues, presenting traditional topics such as experimental methods, fundamentals of convection and heat sink characterization and optimization. In addition to these topics, several new and exciting topics will be examined, including flow network modeling, thermal interfaces and the role of heat pipes, phase change materials in electronics design, and power electronics. Eight sessions will present mechanical and thermomechnaical issues such as simulation and modeling issues related to packages, computational methodologies, solder joint reliability, experimental methods, MEMs, and power electronics.

We hope you have a chance to take advantage of this opportunity to attend ITherm 2006. We are striving to make this a rewarding experience with the knowledge and relationships lasting a lifetime.

Program Cochairs

Listed below are the technical sessions.

Thermal Management

    Characterization of Air-Cooled Packages and Modules [View Accepted Papers]
    General Chair
    Varaprasad (Vara) Calmidi
    Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc.
    Endicott, NY - USA
    [email protected]
    Peter Rodgers
    CALCE, University of Maryland
    College Park, MD - USA
    [email protected]
    Thermal Modeling and Experimental Characterization of Electronics Packages and Modules I [View Accepted Papers]
    General Chair
    Alfonso Ortega
    The University of Arizona
    Tucson, AZ - USA
    [email protected]
    Heinz Pape
    Infineon Technologies AG
    Munich, Bavaria - Germany
    [email protected]


    Modeling & Simulation I: Computational Techniques & Coupled Analysis [View Accepted Papers]
    FModeling & Simulation I: Computational Techniques & Coupled Analysis
    General Chair
    Kuo-Ning Chiang
    ITRI/ERSO, National Tsing Hua University
    HsinChu, N/A - Taiwan, R.O.C.
    [email protected]
    Chris Bailey
    University of Greenwich
    Greenwich, London - UK
    [email protected]
    Modeling & Simulation II: Reliability Simulation and Applications [View Accepted Papers]
    General Chair
    Suresh K. Sitaraman
    Dept.of Mech. Engg., Georgia Institute of Technolo
    Atlanta, GA - USA
    [email protected]
    Andrew Tay
    National University of Singapore
    Singapore, Singapore - Singapore
    [email protected]

Emerging Technologies: Thermal, Thermomechanical and/or related underlying multidisciplinary issues

Panel Discussions

    Panel Discussions [View Accepted Papers]
    Proposals are solicited for panel discussion topics addressing contemporary issues of broad interest to ITherm. These should include a title, an abstract describing the theme(s) to be addressed, and a list of potential panelists.
    General Chair
    Michael Ellsworth
    Poughkeepsie, NY - USA
    [email protected]
    Gamal Refai-Ahmed
    ATI Technology
    Markham, ON - Canada
    [email protected]

Poster Sessions

    Poster Sessions [View Accepted Papers]
    Poster papers will be fully reviewed and published in the proceedings. Poster papers will be eligible for best paper award.
    General Chair
    Mehdi Asheghi
    Carnegie Melln University
    Pittsburgh, PA - USA
    [email protected]
    Victor Chiriac
    Freescale Semiconductor Inc.
    Phoenix, AZ - USA
    [email protected]