Registration Registration Submission Status

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After submitting a registration you should receive periodic e-mail messages notifying you when your registration is modified. If you have lost your Claim String or want to check the status of your registration submission, please fill out the form below to have it e-mailed to you. ITherm personnel will review, categorize and change the status of your registration submission. When you receive an e-mail notifying you of a change, the new "Status" should be described to you along with any action you need to take. Here is a description of the different status settings:
  • NEW - initial setting when the registration is first submitted
  • COMPLETE - ITherm personnel has reviewed and completed the registration for the next conference (money has been received by ITherm and the registrant is able to view on-line conference proceedings)

If you need to cancel your registration or have other questions, please Contact Us! or call 520-621-3054.

To have the Status and Claim String for your registration submission e-mailed to you, please the year of the conference and enter your e-mail address below.

    Please enter your e-mail address as you entered it when you submitted your registration.

    Please enter the year of the conference.